1. How to develop your imagination

How to develop

your imagination

Acting can feel so elusive, so mysterious.

But take heart! There are concrete things you can do to improve your craft.

The first thing every actor has to have going for them is the ability to invest, fully and deeply, in the given circumstances of a character’s life. You may be a 25-year old married guy living in NYC, but if you’re playing a deaf 18-year old living in Taiwan who just got dumped, you better believe that you’re a deaf 18-year old living in Taiwan who just got dumped.

In this world of video games and social media, of finance jobs and waiting tables, most of us have lost the ability to imagine and invest totally in our daydreams.

So what do we do? We daydream!

I’d like to challenge you to set aside time every day—up to 30 minutes, if possible—to daydream. Take it as seriously as your meditation. Find a quiet space, soften your focus, and just dream.


And if that feels too vague, check out the video: I’ve given you 7 daydreaming challenges.


Let the Seven Days of Daydreaming begin!!