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Victoria’s generous, supportive and caring energy gave me the confidence to be playful and bold in my acting choices while also knowing that I could always ask for help or guidance. Victoria creates a space filled with trust, respect and love; the perfect environment to craft something beautiful.

Ruby Wall, Stella Adler Conservatory

Victoria Mack is an incredible director who can get the best out of any actor in any circumstance. I was thrilled to work with her and hope I get to again soon.

James Johnston, NYU Tisch School of the Arts

Victoria is inspiring, simple and generous. She gives sense and strength to those who have the privilege to be around her to continue in this journey. Victoria, above all the knowledge you share, which is a lot, you're one of those few human beings that gives and inspires without looking for anything in return, just for your passion to acting and teaching. You rock!

Roberto Jadue, Producer, Taller Siglo, Santiago, Chile

Victoria is such a caring teacher. She creates a comfortable environment where you feel safe to explore yourself to the point that you're able to recognize your strengths and improve yourself as an actor.

Melina Amaral, NYFA

Victoria is one of the few teachers who will let me be afraid and who will stand by me while I'm vulnerable. She knew when I was scared to dive in but luckily she made me do it anyway--not by forcing but by persuading. And she didn't leave me alone there--she was with me the entire time. I wasn't alone searching for something inside me, she wasn't pulling it out from me, we were exploring it together.

Johanna Tuominen

Victoria is a wonderful teacher! I mean it! Teachers shouldn't just teach but also inspire students to be better, and that's exactly what she did! I'm so thankful I had her as a teacher! 

Maria Jose Pereira

Victoria is not only an amazing actress but an amazing teacher. With her skills, techniques, and ability to bring out the best in you--you will not only turn out to be a better actress but also a better person. I loved every class I had with her.

Susanna Ankner

You were one of the best acting teachers I've ever had, thank you for everything!

Julie Bordin

I learned so much with Victoria, she is a great teacher, very patient, and always willing to listen and solves every doubt you have. She pushes you out of your comfort zone which is great if you're serious about acting. I really enjoyed my time with her!

Montse Perez

Victoria was one of my absolute favorites! She has been an amazing teacher! One of the most inspiring ones that I have come to know! I felt that she was a really great coach and she made the class-time really fun. I felt like I improved and learned in a relaxed way and I wish that I could go back in time to do it all over again! Thank you Victoria! 

Nina Johannson

Tory is an incredibly supportive and insightful instructor and I feel so lucky to have taken a class with her. She actually cares about her students' progress as actors.She has the innate ability to determine exactly what each student needs and help them find their voice. I learnt a lot from her and look forward to taking more classes with her.

Lara Tuncer

Victoria was my voice and movement teacher, I had her class Monday mornings and can't properly explain how useful it was to start my week off with this engaging and delightful human being, She managed to simultaneously blend a classical drama themed rubric and modern physical warm up techniques into a 3 hour experience that afterwards you not only felt physically ready but mentally prepared for the rest of the day, I only wish I had her class every morning instead of just Mondays. It's teachers like Victoria Mack that you remember long afteryou've been recognized for your work, the accolades wouldn't be there without people like her helping you along the road to success.

Michael Nucatola

After doing a full-time 6 week acting program, I can safely say that Scene Study with Victoria was by far not only my favorite class, but also the class where I gained the most knowledge that actually improved my acting. Victoria was extremely helpful and encouraging, while patient with each classmate. She brought the best out of all us, and created an environment where everyone felt free to take risks and simply just have fun with the material. Thank you again for such a great experience Victoria!

Brandon Hiemstra

success stories

"There is no doubt that I owe my grad school acceptance to Victoria's sharp and well-trained eye. She coordinated to coach me over Skype, across the country, and across a three-hour time difference with unwavering dedication. She held me to the highest standards while simultaneously giving me the support and confidence I needed to walk into my auditions relaxed, prepared, present, open, and ready to do my best work. With her preparation behind me, I could let go, trusting that I had a foundation to allow my fullest and most authentic self to come alive in the room."

Haley Schwartz

Anne-marie had an audition for a production of Collected Stories that she really wanted to ace, but she felt she was "wrong" for the role. After one session with Victoria she not only felt that she could ace the audition, she booked the role! "Working one session and reflecting on the thoughtful questions put forth, Victoria gave me a sharper & clearer perspective on the character.  As a fine and intelligent actress she has a keen understanding of script breakdown and analysis."

Anne-Marie Cusson / Actress, Collected Stories

"Victoria! I wanted to thank you again for all of your help with those monologues. Every time I've used Big Time people have loved it and laughed out loud. I ended up getting into the 5 week RADA program and I'm very excited. I also used the Shakespearean monologue we worked on to audition for this program with the Oxford Shakespeare Company run by this brilliant man Ron Song Destro. So now I'm in Scotland, playing a witch and Lady Macduff, about to perform at the oak tree in Birnam wood tonight. I'm so excited. I'm learning a ton, so thank you so much for giving me the tools and guidance to get my foot in the door!"

 Olivia von Opel

5-year old Azhy is absolutely adorable but was having some trouble finding focus and stillness on-camera. He was hoping to book a role in an independent film that was described as an older child, at least 8. He and Victoria worked hard on the scene and taped it together. The director loved it and he booked the role!


A few weeks later he had a meeting with a big manager. Victoria wrote the manager to find out what the meeting would entail, which turned out to be cold commercial copy. She and Azhy worked hard developing commercial skills and the manager signed him on the spot!


Azhy has since booked "The Mysteries of Laura," a show at Playwrights Horizons, and multiple independent films!

Gaia applied to only one school--the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. After working with Victoria privately, she nailed her audition and was accepted!


"Victoria was simply inspiring in every single moment of class. The way she helps you understand the deepest parts of your character is unique, and will definitely help you bring out the best you could ever give to that performance. I'm really thankful I had the chance to be taught by her!" 

Gaia Passaler

Kelsey Wang had a chance to tape a few scenes for an important NYC agent. She brought them in to work on and then film, and after sending them in the agent signed her! She has sense performed in the U.S. premiere of Chimerica at the Studio Theatre in D.C. and appeared on "Daredevil" and "Journey to the East."

When Krishnett had only one audition left for college at NYU, her dream school, she signed up for 4 coaching sessions....and she got in!


"What is so great about Victoria is that she pushes you to find your own angle for the monologue in a creative way. She even had me sing my monologue a few times. Also, it doesn't matter if you have 30 minutes or an hour, Victoria works quickly and effectively to make sure you leave with a full understanding of the material."

Krishnett Crispo

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